Vedic Medical Astrology

With the analysis of causative factors of all diseases, it is found that evil effects, diseases, and poverty and hostility are deeply related with unethical deeds in the previous birth. Here arises the question ; where the boundary line lying; and what are the do’s and dont’s according to that. This has been interpreted in depth, by our old sages viz. Arundhathi Vasishtar, Yaajnvalkyan, Ashtaavakran and Manu in their great Smruthies and samhithas from the basic wisdom of of Kalpa Sasthra.

Accretion of the past evil effect is the most vital problem faced by every one.. Remedies in different schools of thoughts are scattered in various classical texts. No step was taken to integrate these in a modern pragmatic way. Sreedhara sasthrikal has formulated a new remedial approach with incorporating Thantric elements with reference to SaradaThilakom, Parameswaranushtanam Parasurama kalpa Soothram and with the pragmatic way of Vaighanasam.

Impartation of Vedic Astrology

The Vidyapeetam will impart natal, horary and samhitas in the classical way itself. As far as past India was concerned, it was a matter of faith and culture. In India, through ages Vedic Astrology disseminated the sagic moral values and culture. Astrology, being a vedanga (Branch of Veda) it can assimilate the modern unethical waves and denial of values of the young.