Thanchavoor Madom

Thanchavoor Madom a centuries old matriarchal household, has ever been of supreme spiritual status as the ancestorship of a noble clan of Ascended Masters in the lineage of Sage Vasishta. Atleast one accomplished person in this ancestorship gets ‘Parivrajaka’ (sanyasa) Yogam in every generations. This spiritual clan belongs to the school of Saiva cult that has ever been sustaining a higher intellectual plain of satvic identity. This clan has brought up many divan peshkars, court scholars, astrologers and Thantric guides to the South Indian dynasties through ages 

Thanchavoor Madom is one of the oldest and largest depositories of precious Vedic and Thanthric scriptures, occult lineage palm leave granthas and centuries old bronze idols and other antique valuables.

Spiritual Journey in search of Self Realization.

Eventhough he was an exemplary government offecial, his body, mind and soul were always wandering with insatiable spiritual thirst and finally he was able to identify his aim of life and mission. Thus he set off his exploratory journey. Traveled all over India several times.Went to Himalayas four times. Visited hundreds of pigrim centres and abodes with close exposure to the routine activities of those ashrams. This enabled him to conceive the unique vision of an asram to be established in future. With these factors in mind the aspirant delved deep into sagic functions of an abode. In this regard he collected volumes of rare scriptures from Kasi, Allahabad, Hosiarpur, Ujjain, Ranchi, Puri and Badari.

During his journey in North India he encountered with spiritual personages and pundits of Vedic astrology and Kalpa Sasthra. During the interactions at Banaras he was able to get their honors and acceptance.


Being the part of ancestor sip of Thanchavoor Madom the first initiation was taken. After that he was conferred with the ancestral tile called SASTHRIKAL .

Deekshas on Arundhati Vasishtar, Siddhi Vinayakar, Uma-Maheswar, Ashtaa dasabhuja Bhadrakali, Dakshina Moorthy, Skandhan, Saraswati and Aadityan (Thanchavoor Madom preserves a very divine book of palm leaves exclusively for the adoration of deekshas of above moorthis.) were duly adhered to.

Scope and feasibility of Analysis of Discontentment

He inferred from the studies and research that the causative factors of evil effects do not come under the conventional Kaarana Panchaka. Due to various cosmic reasons there are 51 causes are spreading with AKSHARA BRAHMAS( which are fiftyone in numbers equal to that of Sanskrit alphabet )and are related with past deeds of the querant and his astral planes and respective star. By invoking this concept he has made a breakthrough way in horary astrology successfully. Several horary predections were done in this stream of thought and the result was amazing.

Views on Vedic Medical Astrology

With the analysis of causative factors of all diseases, it is found that evil effects, diseases, and poverty and hostility are deeply related with unethical deeds in the previous birth. Here arises the question ; where the boundary line lying; and what are the do’s and dont’s according to that. This has been interpreted in depth, by our old sages viz. Arundhathi Vasishtar, Yaajnvalkyan, Ashtaavakran and Manu in their great Smruthies and samhithas from the basic wisdom of of Kalpa Sasthra.

Accretion of the past evil effect is the most vital problem faced by every one.. Remedies in different schools of thoughts are scattered in various classical texts. No step was taken to integrate these in a modern pragmatic way. Sreedhara sasthrikal has formulated a new remedial approach with incorporating Thantric elements with reference to SaradaThilakom, Parameswaranushtanam Parasurama kalpa Soothram and with the pragmatic way of Vaighanasam.


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