All along the course of histroy Tanjore Math had been giving succinct and crystal clear answer to the eternal question whether political astrology could transmute the seemingly inexorable and inordinate course of destiny. When we re-read and construe that answer we have to understand very clearly the important points inherent. Where and when the destiny of an individual and that of the society bifurcate and diverge degeneration will be the result. Can we change both destinies? If the destination is dharma the answer is yes.

The political ambitions rooted on greed and selfishness are the reasons for the deceleration of progress. In the era of Kali (Kali youga) both evil qualities are on the fore.

In the prehistoric classical administrations the magnificent rituals like Rajasooyam and Mahapushyabali performed according to the Samhitas entirely for the benefit of the ruler and also for the universal benefit of the ruled as well. Such rites were refined and designed to serve that purpose.

In modern times the immoral and unethical wheeling dealings of the ruler result in the corruption of values and an imbalance in the social pyramid. And it is the greatest challenge that modern society faces. Science (‘Sasthra’) prescribes certain remedial measures against this degeneration, which involves continuous and consistent practice of certain rituals carried out along the stringent lines laid down by Kalpasastra.

In the case of a ruler who might have lost his dharma somewhere down the course of his previous lives, astrology strives to trace out the lose of dharma due to selfish compulsions and suggests methods to purge the same resorting to the measures suggested by Kalpasastra. A political astrologer should essentially know about Mahakooshmadyhoma and sacrifice (‘Maha Kooshmanda Bali’) meant to appease 51 Mahakooshmandi demigoddesses. He has to be proficient in its practice. The priests acquire the capability to perform various yajnas like Athirathram and Somayagam after having purified themselves as prescribed by Rig veda. The same is applicable to political astrology.

The masters of Tanjore Math had always been miraculously proficient in its applications. There are methods to get oneself purified from the sins committed in the previous lives through Gayathry worship and chanting of mantras, homas, meditation, donations and sacrifices carried out according to the rules. The masters of Tanjore Math had always been engaged inthe purification of the belmishes of the distant past by means of specific tantric rites as required by different streams of Hindu dharma (Saivam, Vaishnavam, Shaktheyam, Gaanapthyam, Saurayam etc.). The manuscripts that describe such specialized rites are still preserved in large numbers at Tanjore Math. They can potentially substantiate the political ambitions of a power aspirant. The masters of Tanjore Math only are privy to these rituals. Some examples are given hereunder.

Arasanka Jyothidam : the treatise on Political Astrology

Thanchavoor Madtom inherits the unique branch of political astrology viz. Arasanka Jyothidom developed by Sages Arundhati Vasishtar and their disciples. Thanchavoor Dr. Sreedhara Sathrikal is the only living political uplifter in this stream in India who is having stupendous cases to his credit.