Vedic Medical Astrology is as old as Vedas ie. circa 20000 years.

Astrology evolved from a universal philosophy that the soul is unique. The uniqueness of the soul is due to the traits and temperaments assimilated deeds along the cyles of life and death. These traits and temperaments turn out to be the impetus or the driving force that propels the soul to fleet past births and deaths. The good and evil deeds perpetrated during the course of previous lives come haunting us in the lives to come.

Ayurveda, the veda of life, identifies three basic reasons for ailments. Astrology prescribes specific solutions to tide over the trio-trouble based ailments. Even before a man breaks forth, out of his mother’s womb, astrology can potentially predict the ailments of his life is going to be punctuated with. A scholarly seer can accurately decipher the writing on the wall. He alone knows when, where and how an ailment is going to afflict, and which is the real course, and also how it can be cured.

Where modern medical science is at a loss, astrology can foresee and chalk out viable solutions. By the complimentary combination of the wheel of time and the circle of zodiac and thereby distinguishing various ailments on various organs as indicated by the zodiac circle, a smart diagnostic methodology has been instituted by the Medical astrology.

In cases where congenital evil planets (?) - (papans) – are found in 3rd 6th 8th and 11th sectors of the zodiac circle, (‘Bhavas’ segments) and also in cases where auspicious planets are positioned at Cardinal segments viz 4th 7th and 10th sectors of the zodiac, or at trines, 1st 5th and 9th sectors or if Gulikan happens to be in the center or in the central triangle of the horoscope chart then the person (‘Native’) has the general tendency to be healthy by far. Astrology calls such heavenly bodies positioned at auspicious locations and providing good health and prosperity as ‘Susthaas’.

The random combinations mentioned above reveal the following facts: *The papans (inauspicious planets, such as ‘Kujan’, ‘Sani’, ‘Raghu’, and ‘Kethu’) positioned weakly at lugnum, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, sectors can potentially invoke ill health.

If they are weak even the auspicious planets placed at ‘Shasta- ashtama-vaya’ positions (6-8-12) Bhavas will become the architects of ill health. The planets turned to the lagna or to the lording planet of the lugna can potentially initiate disease characteristic of those planets.

The plants including the sun are reckoned to have the causative effect upon the following parts of the anatomy.

Depending upon the relative position of the sun and the other heavenly bodies in the solar system in the zodiac circular band, ailments are prognosticated in the light of the astrological connection of the organs with each specific sector of the zodiac.