Karmic rectification

The conventional Karmic rectification including Chandraayanam and Chaayaadaanam etc cannot be effectively done in homes or abodes. These are connected with severe penitence and Thantric adoration and occult pooja and Homa systems with the participation of multi number of priests . Karmic rectification, in its full sense is possible only in an Asram or abode where sagic adoration and pooja systems are strictly followed


Arundhati Vasishtasramam is envisaged as the only Karmic rectification Centre in the world; where all ritualistic norms and spiritual adherences are strictly followed by its inmates.This is an international spiritual organization for all humanities, irrespective of religion, caste ,creed and color . Of all human races , this is an abode of liberation. Spiritual wellness of the entire humanity is the soul & goal of spiritual center.

The eligibility criteria prescribed for the inmates are:-

  1. He should have deep faith on Supreme God , and the immortality of the Soul and its cyclic re-birth due to Karmic reasons. He should adhere Brhamachariya in personal life
  2. He should have a mind to study and acceptance and follow the ethical principles of ‘ Dharma’ in personal life as prescribed by smrithies and samhithas by Sages.
  3. He should be ready to follow the process of demolition of past sins by invoking penitence, yoga and thantric methods and various initiations.
  4. He should understand the differences of two Upasana systems viz:Sagunoopasna and Nirgunopasana. As buginer he can follow the Sagunopasana first, and then grdually proceeded to Nirgunoopasana, and his spiritual life has to be turned up accordingly ,under the strict guidance of the chief preceptor, or head of the Aashramam.
  5. By reading and reading vedic scriptures, taking partcipation in study class of the Aashramam, adhering penitence,perfom Theertha Yathra, he should have got it developed a adeep insight on Karma and Dharma and if so, his actions should definitevely be purifiable the past deeds.
  6. As far as an asperent is cocerned the definite goal is absolute realisation of Brahma or absolute Salvation.Passionate inclination towards physical world is the real hurdle. Gradual liberation from the worldly pleasures are to be aimed at and achieved. The natural temptation to physical world should be curbed. ( Regular theoretical classes in the Aashramam will enunciate this in depth. ) In the Vasishta cult , the name “Vasishta’’ alone will not be enchanted. It will be recited only with the name of his consert Arundhathi.
  7. In Aashramam several practising systems; such as meditation & transcendental meditation, Laya yoga,Sukrutha homa,Gayathri upasana, and Sooryopasana etc.
  8. The inmate should have to attend daily programmes of worship and pooja.
  9. The inmate should have to attend the spiritual study classes regularly.

Functional activities

Scriptural studies.(very devine occultbooks ,such as ‘Secret doctrine’of MadomBlawadsky,ChathurVargaChinthamani,PrayaschitaSudhanidhi are included in the curriculum for deep study.

Discussions. Shad-Darsanas, Prasthana thrayas, and Ashtothra Upanishaths will be discussed in spritual point of veiw.

Initiations: Manthra castings are more important in the path of ‘Initiation’ It is to be done in accordance with the Horoscopic chart of aspirant

Poojas: The ritualistic worship of a moorthy(deity) is unavoidable as faras Sagunoopasana is concerned.This is intended for the beginners. This is a thanthric adoration method.

Homas: Other religious (shan matha- the six folded) rites , according to Thantra sasthra.This is a higher level than of Pooja.

International Centre for Spiritual Studies

An international Centre for Spiritual Studies and Research is proposed to be established under the auspices of the Asram. Orientation programmes for intellectuals and matured spiritual aspirants will be conducted at this centre for outsiders. A curriculum committee consisting of eminent scholars has been already formed and functioning.


Occasional seminars will be conducted for the deep study on great books such as:

  1. Brhma soothram
  2. Sankara Digijayam
  3. Vivekachoodamani
  4. PaathanjalaYogasoothram
  5. HamsaYoga chandrika
  6. Gheranda samhitha

Research focus

The Spiritual Research Division will give focus to the following classical works:

  1. Secret doctrine -by Madome blavadsky(3vol)
  2. The Serpant Power –by Sir johnwoodroff

An introduction to Thanthra-

  1. Chackra and kundalini -- by Dr:Umfor (samyananda kapila saraswathy)
  2. Aghora, at the left hand of god –by Robert svoboda
  3. Aghora II Kundalini
  4. Aghora III The law of karma
  5. Thantric yoga—by :gavin and yvoni frost
  6. Magic and rituals in tibet by: stephanbeyer
  7. Zen-yoga by:p.j.saher


In modern age the pilgrimage are not in accordance with the stipulations laiddown in the classical scriptures and not for spiritual orientations

Padma Purana stipulates the significance of pilgrimage. Past evil effects of man can be demolished by properly performing the Theertha yatras (Religious tours) as laid down in the Classical texts of Vedas, Vedangas and Puranas.

The ARUNDHATHI VASISHTASHRAMAM is scheduled to conduct sageic system of pilgrimages for the absolute demolition of evil effects of past deeds. In this regard the topic of initiation(deeksha), upasana deeksha, sagunopsana, nirgunopasana etc may be seen.

The stipulations of other systems of demolition of past deeds according to Thantra sasthras and other vedic and aagama systems are progressive methodologies which are rarely followed in India. These are scheduled to be imparted in the Aashramam.

One among the trouble shooting methodologies prescribed against demolition of past deeds in Medical Astrology is KARMA VIPAKAM. In India none of the aashramams are giving such an impartation.


Arundhati Vasishtasramam is the only Ashramam or spiritual community in the world where diseases are believed to have been derived out of past Karmic effects and that can be transferred and eliminated by invoking the occult methods established by sage Vasishta viz. Karma Vipakam. This is a ritualistic occult system. Other Ashramams in India are not capable to follow this system. They don’t know the minute astrological procedural details of this system. Initiation of manthra of a particular Moorthy or Deity is another vital system. By repeatedly enchanting that Manthra, under the preceptic supervision of the Guru, one can relinquish his past deeds.

Modern neuro theological approach

Apart from the conventional system of demolition of past deeds, the physical and neuro pschyic caliber of the aspirant will be examined first and recorded by a team of eminent scholars. By invoking this system, the aspirant will be elevated to a divine astral plane that can be measured out by latest biomechanical methods such as ECG, EEG, Chakra machine, Kirlian camera, Bio Pulsar Reflexograph etc,

The analysis of previous births according to vedic astrology

This is the super specilisational branch of Medical Astrology. By finding out the exact point of time the birth of the aspirant , the Lugna will be got corrected minutely . This is very complicated mathematical correction with respect 5th ,9th, and10th Bhavas of the corrected horoscopic chart. By this process, the real root cause of all evil effects, sorrows, ill fortunes, diseases etc will be astrally detected and solved.


This is based on the concept of rebirth and faith. Every unethical doings, dishonest transactions, evil dealings and brutality will lead to the deposits of negative deeds in the soul which will be carried over to the cycle of birth.

The theory behind this phenomenon discloses that the future consequences will be aroused if the denial of the duty bound affair and the doings and of unloyal and unethical things in one’ s life is occurred. Past deeds of the previous birth, resulting effects, will spread retrospectively to the past generations and prospectively spreading to the future births.

In this stage the aspirant will undergo the experimental process for the following:

The absolute remedial measures for this are prescribed in Prayschithasudhamani and Garudapuran Veerasimhavalokanam. Classical text on the procedural implications comes under the purview of Samhithas are preserving in the Aashramam. .

As far as the remedial measures are concerned the identity of a soul and its gotra and birth place has a great significance in analyzing the previous birth.This is a very profound subject in Indian Medical Astrology and Kalpa sasthras and Aagamas. This is being elaborately discussed in the asramam and, research works with modern bio-technical instruments are going on. In India, the ethics, loyalty, honesty, Ahimsa(un brutality) are considered to be well defined and taught to the disciples of every generation. Those are ithe values of Aarsha bharatha admired by modern world. In This philosophical branch of sasthra called kalpa Sasthra and its implicational manuals are called Smriti.


(initiation in a particular mantra called Mantra Deeksha)

The duration of mantra deeksha of each (Moorthy) Deity shall be varied depending on the smear and heaviness or depth of past deeds of the subject. However, it will not exceed 6 months.


According to Thantra sasthra, there are two systems of upasanas.The first one is Sagunoo pasana; the second one is Nirgunoopasana. Both are different in Vedantic concept. On completion of the process of initiation of Manthra the subject can directly enter into the thantric pooja systems and rites for demolition of past evil deeds. According to this system the identity of the soul of the aspirant should have to be found out first ,so as to enable us to discover the( past ) cosmic relationship with a particular god or goddess which was derived out of the past deeds. Vedic Medical Astrology can discover this god or goddess, and the demolition of evil effects can be made good. And afterwards by following the Thantric Pooja, Homas, and Adoration methods the relinquishment of every negative effects are possible. ( This system is derived out of vedas). Vedas are considered to be Apourusheya and are recovered circa 20000 years back, according to Oriental research scholar Madame Blawadesky; whereas the religious concepts and schools of thoughts came into existence only by 5000 years ago. This system is a metaphysical purification provision of VEDAS , beyond any particular religious insularity.


After the demolition of evil effects of the aspirant, he can perform Thantric steps to attain salvation by invoking positive rituals and Vedic homas. During this tenure of liberation, he can attain the following metaphysical elevations:

  1. Self healing
  2. Masters’ Wisdom
  3. Spirit Guides
  4. Triggering sixth sense
  5. Opening the Third eye
  6. Astral elevations
  7. Invoking Kundalini energy
  8. Developing heigher metaphysical aura

In the final stage, the aspirant can reach the supra conscious level (of Atheendriya Dhyanam) attaining extra terrestrial powers , absolute bliss, tranquility, emancipation from stress and celestial peace of mind.


This is the stage of perfect purification of one’s body, mind and soul, qualifying to get absolute salvation, or if he desires so a pure rebirth which leads to Satya Yuga. Satya Yuga is a very divine cult in India.