Educational Astrology

Humanity does not have a better mechanism than Vedanga astrology to interpret man’s destiny and his vicissitudes. This branch of science is capable of delving deep into the unfathomed depths of one’s fate, interpreting it plausibly and coming out with standing solutions. As medical astrology is capable of predicting the health history of a person as early as he is born, vidya astrology is capable of predicting all matters pertaining to education including his intellectual plains aptitudes temperaments etc.

According to classical Indian philosophy, during the long march of the eternal soul across births and deaths the rudiments of the desires of the former existences become manifest. All vedic scripts corroborate this fact. These rudimentary desires are the reason for the chain of births and deaths. As long as this lust for life remains the journey of the soul will continue.

Until after the residual lust is cured of the desires, the soul remains chained to the wheel of time. Every birth offers a chain of opportunities to fulfill the residual desires. Here man is haunted by the puzzle of decision-making or the freedom of choice. Many western writers including Doestevsky have therefore found out that freedom is a bane. This crisis pertaining to choice nudges man to seek the path of wisdom, which becomes his refuge and solace. Thus the question of choice in the realm of education is a matter of critical importance in the life of an individual.

All matters related to life of an individual are dependent upon the coordinates of the constellations in the space at the time of his birth and that is well beyond out control and management. So lagnum plays a pivotal role in the destiny of an individual. His education is related to the fifth sector coming up beyond 90o from the birth legnum. From this sector one can decipher his pre-birth legnum. From this sector one can decipher his pre-birth endowments. A gifted and experienced astrologer can find out on closer analysis what his talents are, what his proclivities, intellectual powers, likes and dislikes etc. are going to be.

The word “intelligence” cannotes only the rational side of our cerebral capabilities. But in astrology this word has still deeper semantic dimensions. In astrology intelligence is the synthesis of consciousness, genius, mastery, prudence, primordial residual consciousness, virtues etc.

The intelligence for betterment is the one that governs and confines one’s consistent deeds in such a way as to lead one to the heights of the astral plains of mundane, supra mundane, ultradivine and spiritual heights through Kalpasastra based dharma. These are not activities based on absolute physical reason.

Even those who are well versed in medical science, higher mathematics, astrophysics, biochemistry, genetic engineering or any other scientific discipline need not be charged with that kind of an intelligence.

It is proposed to extend the activities of the Centre for Educational (Vidya ) Astrology in all schools, colleges and professional institutes in India. Our mission is to create a new generation supercharged with swatwic harmony of supreme Jnaanakaraka that boost up the intellect and mind of the student.

In Indian astrology the term intellect has five dimensional meanings viz. Pranja, Prathibha, Medha, Viveka sakthi and Poorvapunyam out of which the Poorvapunya is the most potential aspect as far as destiny is concerned. The Centre will render all kinds of ritualistic karmas and assistance in this regard.

Our mission is to build up an exalted generation in the line of world famous personalities such as mathematical prodigy Ramanujam , Sir. C.P. Ramaswami Iyyer and Dr. C. V. Raman.