Adoration Systems


 (initiation in a particular mantra called Mantra Deeksha)


 Mahakooshamandy Deeksha

The duration of mantra deeksha of each (Moorthy) Deity shall be varied depending on the smear and heaviness or depth of past deeds of the subject. However, it will not exceed 6 months.



.According to Thantra sasthra, there are two systems of upasanas.The first one is Sagunoo pasana; the second one is Nirgunoopasana. Both are different in Vedantic concept. On completion of the process of initiation of Manthra the subject can directly enter into the thantric pooja systems and rites for demolition of past evil deeds. According to this system the identity of the soul of the aspirant should have to be found out first ,so as to enable us to discover the( past ) cosmic relationship with a particular god or goddess which was derived out of the past deeds. Vedic Medical Astrology can discover this god or goddess, and the demolition of evil effects can be made good. And afterwards by following the Thantric Pooja, Homas, and Adoration methods the relinquishment of every negative effects are possible. ( This system is derived out of vedas)                                                      

                                      .Vedas are considered to be Apourusheya and are recovered circa 20000 years back, according to Oriental research scholar Madame Blawadesky; whereas the religious concepts and schools of thoughts came into existence only by 5000 years ago. This system is a metaphysical purification provision of VEDAS , beyond any particular religious insularity.

Predictive astrology


The Vidyapeetam will impart natal, horary and samhitas in the classical way itself. As far as past India was concerned, it was a matter of faith and culture. In India, through ages Vedic Astrology disseminated the sagic moral values and culture. Astrology, being a vedanga (Branch of Veda) it can assimilate the modern unethical waves and denial of values of the young.


Horary Astrology


It is the trouble shooting branch of the Predictive Astrology. It deals with metaphysical unknown factors of the querrant and manifestations are being disclosed out of the cosmic power of the planets. The predictions are being made according to the present planetary positions at which the querrant is asked the question. The minute determining point of the ascending “LAGNA” is the most important aspect.


Conventionally it is determined by using certain number of CHOZHIPARAL (small sea shells). Regularly it is called as ‘kaudi’.


The results are forecasting according to the correlative relations of the planets which indicates the particular Bhava or House. It is a very sophisticated and deep system of analysis.


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